The Power of Song_22.02.2020

Such a strong date. After plan A, plan B, plan C failed, I decided for plan F – and went for 5 rhythms dancing workshop. 🙂 To meet people in dance, enhance my and yours energy, to jump high and let the head shake. To shake out all the crazy thoughts they coming to me. In a safe space, with deep into-eyes looking, with some touch and exhale. And after I was offered to make stillness – song singing. I sang mantras on my own melodies, songs came out so freely, I just opened the mouth and let myself sing. Somebody cried, washed his/her heart with tears, somebody just enjoyed, sitting still. And there was a feather and a light and few smiles. And I sang a song. This is what I need to do, what I ll do, what I ll ever do, what empowers me, protects me, opens me. Finding my song every day anew. Which one would be yours? Come and listen and sing with us on upcoming monday. Closer informations on soleayogadance – fb. Looking forwards!

P.S. Pikto of a bird is part of my logo made by Barbora Paulovicova. She paints from her heart for all chakras, creating patiently, with safe hand with all colours arround her fingers.

Fairytale Singing – Solea’s concert and kirtan for Spring

I had wonderful Experience yesterday. There were dwarfs, feries, elfs, gnoms looking at me, shining with their eyes. We sat in front of all gods and godesses – protectors of the space. Candles were burning. We created an altar in front of us with cloth mandala, angel cards, shamanic drum and didgeridoo. They didn’t come to play yesterday. But they were present and listened to the sounds of ukulele and guitar. We sat in crossleg position, hand on heart and hand on belly, i spoke with closed eyes. I tried to speak from heart. About my highest experiences, where I felt the most Love in my cells and bones – they remember. And when I speak about this I shine also more. So Solejka – the little girl inside me still wishes to give and perceive Love in all situations and in encounters with other souls. Actually, the funny thing is – and Solejka knows it – Love is still here and everywehere, also now and now and now.. it depends on our perception, how we stand to it, how we open to it. To this what IS. So I was singing yesterday – Two mantras from kundalini yoga tradition, for cleaning and empowering ourselves. Everytime I sing them, I feel like like cleaning the windows of my body temple from inside. In order to see more clearly. All the Beuties, Life is offering us. Then I told those fairytale – beings a story about beach, ocean, big fire and half naked shiny people arround this fire – singing and hugging, kissing each others hands. I remembered clear and shiny eyes of one young women with brown skin of sand singing deeply from her being this song I sang : Above and below and all arround the world, you are the essence of it all , the Beauty of Life, you are the essence of it all, the Love of my Life, sacred One, source within and beyond. I promised myself, I want to learn this song, I practised it in mountains of La Gomera, watching the sun setting down behind the hills and I sang it yesterday to those beings. They listened and smiled, some of them joined. After that I sang another song which i learned on rainbow gathering – so how is this arround the fire – happening – called. Some spanish songs brought us to nature friends in spanish inland, to teepees, yurtas, animals and Lokah Samastah sukhinho bhavantu finished this Journey through lands and space. We connected our hands in front of our hearts, with Namaste and Sat Nam thanked each other, thanked to ourselves and to smiling hindu gods, to smiling spirits. You can sing the Love, you can feel the Love, you can be the Love. Returning to your unique Essence everyday and more often, in order to stay connected. In order to feel. All kind of emotion is worth to go through, actually they are pretty cool designed. Oh, and not forgetting Humour – so important! The most highest way of looking on yourself and your sweet funny silly endeavours. So again, sitting in admiration of how complex this could be – taking mantras and healing songs from different traditions singing them for lovely troll and kundalini yoga teacher, for few playful dwarfs and acro yoga lovers, to good feries – mothers and healers, to elfs and yoga, massage, sahman healers, with shiny gnome – guitar player sitting on my side. Wow, nothing that thank you – all the time is coming up in me. Thank you spreading through my body and all cells.

And how about me? How to integrate in this world fairytale – play again? After new moon and setting new intentions? As a bird which returns regularly to its nest, to feed her beloved and also enjoying all those flights above lands and through spaces and time. As a dancing farmer, kids teacher, dreamer and at the same time with strong feet walking on this ground. May all our dreams came true in the right time in the most original and fullfilled settings of souls connecting and supporting each other.


Sat nam.



aaaaaaa! let’s go outside and feel the sun!

The Girl with Stones

There was a girl. With shiny eyes and healthy red cheeks from the passion and Love which burned through her young Body. She was working with Crystals and semi precious Stones and selling Jewels made from them to the people who needed it. They had different colours  and qualities. Those stones. And maybe those people as well. She put her creativity into it and wished to help the people with her art and through her feelings for them. Young good witch! 🙂 After certain time she decided to sold and give away everything. She didn’t want to hurt Mother Earth anymore. She was very lively explaining me how people grab and put their dirty hands into the earth, it is like taking flesh or child by force from its mother. Almost crying and shining at the same time. She was in her fresh 24 travelling alone with small back pack, her banjo playing girlie rock and last 7 stones hand wrapped each in different colour and thread arround her neck. I found her alpaka blanket in the night before walking along the ocean “home” – to my cave. I used it in the night, because it was dark and had no idea whom is it and where the person might be at 3 am on the morning.

It was totally dark without any light, only la Luna was sending little sparkles from the sky. Next day, there were small paper notices behind each screen wiper on few cars parked on the road. I had a conversation with Jose – lovely spanish musician, who was selling his book – Cuentos del mundo, DJing twice a week in small club and playing drums with flamenco band. The Girl came along and saw the alpaka – I brought it to the sun and hoped the owner will see it – and started to thank me 1000 times and speak about her story. How she used this blanket to protect her from mountain lions while sleeping alone in Canada forests.

I became as a present home made remedy – clove oil – from her and small amber stone. And many thanks and warm hugs. Big inspiration. The little story which started with a blanket in the night, continued with this lovely animal Being – finished. And stayed until now in my Heart. I everytime when I see different stones on women or in shops think on her. Many time I rather didn’t buy anything.

I had an amazing idea, to cut one bracelet I got in Trenčianske Teplice and use each of this small lovely colourful Agates for one bracelet. It is my meditation while waiting for bus, sitting outside and smelling the air. If anybody would be interested to get this special handmade bracelet made with Love, let me know, you can donate how much you feel. 80 %  I will give selected people or places they need it. It might be small but funny experiment. 🙂 I am open to add some yoga/acro yoga/dance/singing class to the delivery of the bracelet.



Agates are banded types of chalcedony that come in a range of colors including pink, red brown, white, purple, black, grey and yellow. Chinese believed that agate could stimulate one’s life force while cleansing their mind to make space for good luck and fortune. By the Medieval times, the belief surrounding agate properties was that it could deliver a plentful harvest if tied to the horns of an oxen. Agate healing properties are slow and steady. They ground the Spirit with a sense of Stability. It properties connect with the energy of the Earth. They are thought to bring Harmony to all aspects of the being, physical, spiritual and emotional.




dedicated to the spirit of new beginnings


This mudra helps at the start of things – like a new project or when you plan a change in your circumstances. It activates the energies needed for getting down to it, for keeping going, for patience and for optimism. Regularly starting anew is as much a part of life as the spring is part of the year. Even the oldest of trees produce new branches, leaves and blossoms. And the smallest beginning can produce great things. A fresh start brings new impetus, pulls one out of a rut, presents a welcome challenge, helps us to dare and brings excitement and success into our lives. In your mind’s eye you can already see what is freshly emerging. You work on the picture until it completely meets your needs, desires and possibilities and fires your enthusiasm.

I start afresh and taste the beginner’s eagerness.

New Beginnings

Bye bye 2018, welcome 2019!

This Feeling of Happiness, when your Body feels totally aligned and happy in itself. Listening to all those Sounds from Winter Fairytale which our New Year 2019 brought.  I started the previous year full of Trust with Sunlight on my face on small Island – La Gomera. Now it feels like a dream. First time I became a part from Rainbow gathering – where people creating paradise for one month. Living on the beach, sharing hugs, songs, food.. Nature, strong Ocean waters, shiny faces. Dance, music, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, talking circles, healing. That was my experience. There were people coming with different intentions –  some of them took soft drugs – plants or mushrooms to reach other states of Consciousness. Some of them are living like this the whole year, two three.. connected to the Nature, living in Nature houses, cooking outside, watching the Sun waning into the Sea, thanking with Prayer and Meditation. Some of them fully open, sensitive to Energies, feeling a lot. I took this Rainbow – Love feeling with me to Valle Gran Rey, where I stayed for two months! Sleeping in a cave next to Meditation Centre, letting my Body become One with the Sun and waters of the Ocean. Valle Gran Rey is small sweet City in heart shape full of happy Tourists, older couples, hippies, healers on vacation. I met many young travellers, fully connected, living simply but rich inside, talented street musicians eating only raw, asian small nomad girl walking barefoot without money doing yoga on the beach and asking restaurants for leftovers- only vegan option! Shy nature people hiding in woods, playing flutes and speaking with spirits, angelic Being embracing me with their Grace, Love and forgiveness. All those fairytale Beings living on the Island. Elfs, fairies, gurus.. so fragile, so loveable, so open.

I returned on 4.4.2018 . I visited with my Mother tantra Seminar for Women. We meditated, danced a lot, caressed, massaged each other. I felt so happy and she was even through her Parkinson disease more straight and shining. It is very benefitial to keep on doing certain Practices to maintain your Body, Soul and Spirit awake conscious, loving the Life with all its Dualities. Opening the higher Chakras makes you more sensitive to rough energies arround you, so you are naturally guided to the Nature to Animals, Parks, Mountains, Lakes. Admiring people living in Farms taking care of their own Garden, nourishing themselves through the Food coming from the Ground they took care about.

In Spring and Summer 2018 I made many new discoveries about Bratislava green places and it’s surroundings – I visited and danced in hungarian village Zebegeny, Donauinsel in Vienna, attended on two lovely festivals – Allfest in Litoměřice and Heartculture in Austria, practised and taught Acro Yoga in Medicka garden, in Sad Janka Krala, discovered by bicycle the woods and small austrian villages – Hainburg, Wolfsthal, Neusiedler am See, found lovely community of wonderful people in slovakian village – Zohor. I played in two Student Movies, in one Tv Serie – I am Mother, one Czech-German Movie – Orange Days. I created some thai massage and contact dance workshops in Zohor and Vienna, singed Mantras before ecstatic dance event made by lovely Martin and Lucia. I was singing small Concerts in Alchemy travel place, Lotus yoga studio. I recorded few Mantras on Cd. I danced Tango and Salsa in Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. I created many workshops in my Head and on Paper, which didn’t happen yet. Opening your Voice Workshop, contact Dance and Body opening Workshop, Tango milonga with Thai massage, Consciouss Contact, the Art of Touch, Healing Theatre.


The Year 2018 in Numbers:


2 Student movies

1 Tv Serie

2 feature Movies


2 Months on La Gomera

1 Month On La Palma

1 Week on Tenerife

2 Weeks on Ibiza

5 days on Tenerife


Mana yoga stay



ArtFilm Fest


those created by myself – arround 5

apart from that singing everywhere and anytime – on the streets, in Parks, Balcony’s, Train, Bus


arround 5


more than 1000 :-))








Coming from the Island Ibiza, full of contrasts, shiny Human Beings, massage parties, contact dance on the beach, deep connections with the Mother Nature, with the Spirits of the Island, through Music, long deep embraces, eyes gazing, inviting, sharing, Being.. Wishing to bring all those Ideas to this sweet little country where I was born. There is so much to explore in this Life! So many Dimensions! Just not to loose yourself in all of that, that is also Part of a learning. :-)) So how to stay in the Flow? Express your Thankfulness, express your Dreams, think on others, how to support them, help them, open your Heart, listen carefully.. MOVE. Today we’ll move in DOT Gallery Cafe place. We’ll move, breath, activate, release. And maybe sing a bit. Sun is shining! Let’s breath it into our Hearts.



Acknowledge what is good.

This mudra helps again colds and activates the immune system.

Being thankful is a wonderful way of mobilising healing energies, easing tension, promoting equanimity, and raising one’s spirits. It is as if it raises us onto a higher level. Let your breathing become slow and deep. And let each breath become an expression of heartfelt praise and thanks. become aware of all that is good, all that is beautiful within you, of all your practical and mental abilities. Greet these things and acknowledge them with thankfulness. Your thanks will push open the door to a life of joy and fulfilment. He who sows thanks and praise will reap abundance.

I am filled with praise and thanks.

Ešte stále..

Tak leto sa končí. Po návrate z trojmesačného pobytu na Kanárskych ostrovoch srdcom otvorená, plná lásky a nadšenia rozdávať som preplávala rôznymi sférami, spoluvytvárala tance pre ženy, spievala a skladala piesne o láske a mantry, ktoré ma vibrovali, stretávala krásne Duše a počúvala ich životné príbehy, hľadala si miesto v prírode na postavenie hlineného domčeka, alebo jurty, miesta – kde by mohli ľudia prísť, liečiť sa, zastaviť sa, nadýchnuť, vnímať okolitú krásu, zažívať rôzne pohybové a transformačné techniky, chodiť po skle, uhlíkoch, objímať sa slobodne, jesť zdravo a farebne, tancovať, spievať, tvoriť. Behala som okolo Bratislavy, hľadajúc pokojné miesta, miesta pri vode, záhrady, les.. Stupava, Zohor, Mariannka, Devín, Hainburg, Wolfstahl, maďarská dedinka Zebegényi.. Navštívila som tri prekrásne festivaly: Allfest v Litoměřicích, Heartculture a Bridging the Worlds v susednom Rakúsku, stretla žiarivých umelcov, liečiteľov, jogínov, šamanov. Hľadala, nachádzala a znovu strácala Svoju cestu v tomto všetkom liečivom, ako zdieľať to, čo mňa samu lieči a posúva ďalej, ako si nastaviť hranice, komerčne či nekomerčne, potichu dávať súkromné lekcie, či vybudovať si značku, farby, logo, firmu, komerčne o niečom tak nekomerčnom hlbokom ako joga, život a jeho hĺbka, prečo sme tu ako Duše, aký máme plán tu na Zemi, čo vytvoriť v súlade s naším potenciálom. Toľko otázok a toľko odpovedí. Na každom kroku. Toľko manifestácií, znamení. Natáčala som český film a slovenský seriál, obdivovala ich nadšenie, tvorbu a nasadenie. Moderovala som peknú výstavu, maľovala som na hodváb, organizovala spievania a jogy a masáže, veľakrát spontánne a s minimálnym počtom účastníkov, ale zato zo srdca a napĺňajúco. Prespala som pri ohni, pod hviezdnou oblohou, tešila sa z jednoduchého Bytia, plávania, ponárania chodidiel do piesku, bahna.. žijeme v špirále, takže po tom Všetkom sa nachádzam ešte stále v tom istom byte, prinášajúc si kamene a listy z lesa doň, ešte stále bez detičiek, slobodná, netušiaca, čo bude zajtra, ešte stále s naplneným srdcom, s túžbou dávať to, čo ma tiež napĺňa, jazdiaca v oblakoch na koni, stretávajúca silové zvieratá – napríklad včera líšku a ježka v parku Gaštanka 😀 , ešte stále detská, nadšená z tvarov, farieb, tiel, hudby, snov.. ešte stále ne/osvietená..

Life is rich, continues in many dimensions, spheres.. When we think, there is no more way out, It will give us even greater opportunity to discover all This behind..All its richness. So thank you for all This, dear Creation.




For the Spirits

Eva Sa on  – – find my Music here

I’ve been to wonderful festivals, gatherings, where people openly look into their eyes, healing themselves with the touch, embrace, songs and dance. It is so profound to do it every day, express our gratefullnes through our deeds, words, through every cell. I wish to manifest the best cosmic conditions to make this year Cd with mantras and songs from different traditions. And meet for singing circles and continue to spread the Joy. If you feel that you could in any way ( studio, musicians, place ) contribute to this Idea, feel free to contact me.

with LOve



DANA Veľkňažka

Ako by som stále neverila, že to (čo?..- život, vnímanie, chápanie, preciťovanie ) môže byť až také krásne. Také ľahké, jednoduché, výživné. A potom zbadám žiarivý obraz vzlietajúceho anjela, ženy, plný hlbokej farebnej radosti, sily.. prechádza mi všetkými bunkami, cez oči rozvibruje moje srdce, ktoré sa furt len otvárať chce. Otvárať, cítiť teplo, objímať. Byť zas a znova uisťované, že je v bezpečí, že sme tu všetci spolu na jednej lodi, že sme sem z nejakého dôvodu prišli a že sa máme stretnúť a pomôcť si tí, ktorí si máme pomôcť, vyliečiť sa z našich programov, radovať sa z tvorenia, zdieľať svoje dary. Môj byt očami dvoch milých chlapcov z Nigérie: plný mandál, hudobných nástrojov, kvetov na plachtách, v kútoch, v oknách, zvláštnej pre mňa jednej z Naj obľúbenejších – vône Palo santa, šalvie a indických tyčiniek 5tich elementov, obrazov slonov, šungitovej vody, pierka, mušle, kamene.. Pýtajú sa ma, či chodím do Afriky a prinášam si to odtiaľ :-)) A ja že nie, že aj u nás sa také nájdu. Napríklad na brehu Dunaja v malej maďarskej dedinke Zebegeny. Tancujeme tam cez víkend o dušu – pre Dušu s ďalšími nadšencami, bytosťami maďarskými, rakúskymi, slovenskými. Pozeranie do očí, objatia, vystrihovanie si z časopisov farebné obrázky, lepidlo, nožnice – téma Dance inside me. Liečenie vnútorného dieťaťa cez zbieranie mušlí, dobrovoľné ponuky masáže, pohladenie. Čím viac ne-očakávaš, tým viac sa ti takéto krásy dejú, z každej strany. Energie sa pomixujú, spletú a rozpletú, navýšia, prepoja, zasvietia. Vnímam seba v skupine a skupinu v sebe. Ako si udržať seba a pritom byť súčasťou skupiny. Plávame ako dvaja Robinsoni proti prúdu na neďaleký ostrov, cez španielske slová sa vnárame do bahenného brehu. Maďarský Zoli-cicuš mi rozpráva o svojom živote. Detstvo ľahké nemal. Kam ho to posunulo, čo mu to dalo. Čo nám dáva takýto tanec? Cez telo k intuícii až extáze.. mne osobne sa za zavretými očami začnú ukazovať – keď sa na to nesústredím – rôzne obrazy. Niekedy prídu formou farby, niekedy formou slov. Taký ten vnútorný najvnútornejší hlas si stiahne nejakú informáciu z Akáše a prinesie ju ku mne. Tentokrát to boli heslá Egypt, Turecko. Či sa tam mám vybrať, pozrieť pyramídy, urobiť workshop tancov jogy, neviem. Budem sa pri ďalšej (tanečnej) meditácii pýtať, že prečo. A čo ďalej s touto informáciou..pozrieť si lety, ponuky. Tak sa od bratislavského bytu, nigérijských chlapcov, maďarského prúdu prepracujem v jednom článku až do Egypta. :-)) Aké sú tie slová čarovné, klávesnice rýchle, myseľ tvorivá. V tureckom sede na čerešňovej stoličke snívajúc o vodopádoch, cirkusoch, prírodných miestach so šťastnými tvárami, láskavými energiami, zvieratami, koňmi, psami, anjelmi a vôňou života.


Vaša múdrosť siaha hlboko do dávnych časov. Priniesli ste si ju so sebou do vašej súčasnej inkarnácie preto, aby ste ostatným ukazovali cestu, a oni tak z vašich skúseností mohli ťažiť. neodkladajte zdeľanie tejto múdrosti. Pomôžem vám nájsť vhodné spôsoby ako zdieľať. Všetky podoby učenia sú rovnako hodnotné, bez ohľadu na to, koľko životov ovplyvníme. Dana je jednou z najpradávnejších keltských Bohyní, uctievali ju ako bohyňu Matku Stvoriteľku. Môže vám pomôcť so zhmotňovaním, alchýmiou a Božskou mágiou.

Táto karta sa vypýtala na svet v pondelok začiatkom tretieho júlového horúco-mokrého týždňa. Prišla mi so správou, že by bolo fajn znovu raz do týždňa čo to pozdieľať a možno niekoho inšpirovať, slovami potešiť. Je krásne dodržiavať isté rituály, či už ranné cvičenie, hlboký pohľad a skúmanie nových očí, ich farbu, koľko bodiek, trblietok, odrazov, písať o krásnych bohyniach. Písať, hovoriť, zdieľať a kráčať vo farbách. V takých akých sa radi vnímame, našich autentických, stále sa meniacich. Vracajúc sa k svojej esencii – jedinečných. Radostne trblietavo si kráčam svetom vlastných slov a teším sa z ťukajúcich prstov, bubnujúceho dažďa, detských piesní zo susedného bytu.. Ako vnímať zvuky, ako si tancovať na prechode pre chodcov pri zvuku tikania semaforu?

Podávam správy zo sveta, vnútorne veľkého, rozpínajúceho sa do všetkých sfér, dychtiaceho po živote, o nových po-citoch, vnemoch a bozkoch, očami nevideného, srdciami cítiaceho. V láske s láskou a novou dôverou, vo vďačnosti, Vesmíre, v nás.


Všehochuť začínajúceho leta a Mudra pre prvý júnový horúci týždeň 4.6.2018 – 10.6.2018


Take your chance

Táto mudra je venovaná Bohyni vnútornej pravdy, čistoty a jednoty. Synchronizuje obe polovice mozgu, aktivuje pamäť, podporuje schopnosť absorbovať a a zdieľať vedomosti (napríklad pri skúškach) a je výborná tiež pre pľúca.

Predstav si seba vstupujúc do čakry tvojho tretieho oka. Je to pocit, akoby si sa nachádzal/a v ružovo sfarbenom nebi. Polož si otázky týkajúce  sa istých situácií, oblastí tvojho života, ktoré momentálne najviac riešiš – stíš sa – a počúvaj veľmi pozorne!

Afirmácia: Prajem si prijímať moje šance tak ako prichádzajú: využiť ich, užiť si ich a transformovať k najlepšiemu výsledku.


Pred dvomi mesiacmi som sa vrátila na tisíckát transformovaná z trojmesačného po-Bytu By-tia na kanárskych ostrovoch. Tak plná lásky a ohňa (červená ako rak – trošku som sa spálila pri zažívaní prítomného okamihu:)) až som si hovorila, že fajn že som prišla na naše milé malé Slovensko, trošku sa schladím, vnorím do lesov a stretnem svoju rodinku a drahých priateľov. Zároveň sa po pobyte v panenskej prírode, bývania v jaskyniach trošku znovu skultúrnim a niečo pekné tu vytvorím. Lebo tam vám to naozaj nemyslí. Ako v dnešný deň – slnko pečie, vietor odfukuje myšlienky z hlavy, more buráca a zároveň láka.. Tak sa pomaly prebúdzate do nových dní s výhľadom na oceán, s nekonečným pokojom v srdci, pozorujete vtáky..a dni si plynú. Potom si urobíte celodennú namáhavú túru na opustenú pláž medzi útesmi – ku kúskom raja na rajskom ostrove. Denne v pohybe, denne v plynutí, niekedy v miernej rezistencii k tomu Božskému pocitu kľudu v sebe samej a v opätovnm prijímaní seba samej. Nové piesne, hudobné nástroje, hra vetra o struny, hra vĺn o duny, žiarivé oči “zdomorodených” hippies a nomádov, láskavé objatia. Všehochuť všetkého, kombinácia nekombinovateľného, jednoduchosť v totálnej zložitosti..Vesmírme stretnutia. Vnímanie, cítenie, zapájania iných (nad) zmyslov. Bez stien a ulíc, bez billboardov a nápisov, v nekonečnej radosti z farebného tieňa, z radosti toho druhého – jeden si kúpil políčko so záhradkou, druhému žiaria oči z hry na hangu, Misha sa liečila z nádoru, objatia spolupatričnosť, pomoc, pochopenie, Láska. A teraz si ju ponechať a priniesť takú sviežu a ľahkú a detskú sem k nám. Vlastne kdekoľvek kadiaľ sa pohybujem – ju rozdávať a veriť že jej je stále dosť, nepoddávať sa rôznym vzorcom, predstavám, nízkym vibráciám. – nie vždy jednoduchá úloha. Vážiť si “luxus” (?) stien, teplej sprchy, termínov (?:)) , zrýchleného tempa, tvorenia (?) .. Všetko sa deje oveľa rýchlejšie, ľudia počas horúceho dňa sedia v chladnej kancelárii, objímajú sa menej, poprípade si ani nepozrú do očí. do akej miery sa prispôsobiť, do akej nie? Nechať otázky otázkami, naďalej sa spoliehať na svoje srdce a Svoje vedenie, spievať nahlas, trúbiť na didgeridoo a pomáhať. Akokoľvek – úsmevom, dotykom, bosými nohami. Tak. A je to. AHO

Shamanic drum a Mudra pre týždeň 23.4 – 29.4.2018


Ukáž, čo v tebe je

Durga mudra

Už podľa názvu je jasné,že je táto mudra venovaná neporaziteľnej Bohyni Durge. Sedí na vrčiacom levovi a v oboch rukách drží zbraň. Používa ich nielen na odstrašujúci efekt, zabíja nimi nepriateľov a posiela ich do svetla.

Keď sa ohlási panický atak, je dôležité aby si obmedzil/a svoj nádych a zintenzívnil/a výdych. Drž svoje dlane tesne pri sebe, stoj s jemne pokrčenými kolenami, sústreď sa na svoje chodidlá. Vizualizuj si seba ako zbraň ovládanú Durgou. Tvoj zjav a vyžarovanie ti zaistí rešpekt u druhých. Chce sa ti pri tejto predstave smiať? Enjoy it!


To, čo sa ma pokúša ohroziť nie je nič viac než len duch, myšlienka, ktorú vyženiem jediným mihnutím oka.


Tento silný nástroj som si vyrábala vlastnými rukami. Kože boli pripravené, namočené, dierky vytvarované. My sme so ženami navliekali a spievali. Predtým obúchavali o stromy aby sa dali natiahnuť na drevený rám. Diviaky sa prišli pozrieť do našej tesnej blízkosti. Že čo to tam s tými kožami stvárame. Práca to bola niekoľkohodinová. Vkladali sme doňho vlastnú energiu. Nakoniec je tam ešte energia dvoch mužov, ktorí mi v závere pomohli. Prijala som pomoc. Ako si iste všimnete , koža nie je na všetkých miestach rovnomerne utiahnutá. Ale som sa naučila s tým žiť. A bubon znie. Pomáha a lieči. Hodil sa mi ako “podklad” k Durge. Ak nemáš bubon, zabubnuj si na stehno, do plných líc, do vankúša, teš sa z radostných myšlienok, prekvapení a z nového tvorenia. Ak sa chceš dať “obubnovať” sleduj moje najbližšie akcie. Let’s create together!