Eva Sakálová

I am.

I am a Woman.

I am a Dancer.

I am that I am.


I am an artist.

I am an Yogini.

I am a Singer.

I am fascinated by the greatest Instrument we have been given for this Life – the Body.

I am enlivening it through Singing.

I am activating it through Dance.

I am shaping it through Words.

I am letting the Soul create through It.

I am working with my Mind, expanding it.

I am discovering new ways of bringing the Art to you.

I am playful.

I am a curious child.

I am grateful for this great Mastery, Mystery of Life.

I am learning to trust It. Fully.

I am searching for Myself and finding Myself.

This text “About me” has become a kind of prayer. 🙂

Feel welcome on this website, where I will share my inspirations, experiences, art and creations.