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Learn powerful mantras, heal yourself and stay in your Strength.

We will dedicate 10 meetings to 10 topics connected to our chakras and emotions in Life. 

What to sing, when 

1.Fear appears

How to expand our

9.Inner Masculine
10.Inner Feminine

Mantras – songs are powerful tools for us to heal, strengthen, clear old programms, stay with our intention. 

I will teach you the words, meaning, right pronounciacion, we will touch also the history and indian or

We will touch also the history of indian and keltic gods and godesses who are representing certain qualities connected to those mantras. I will teach you the melody invented by myself and the ways how you can play them on ukulele or guitar.

We will tune in with simple physical excersises to prepare our vocal chords, diaphragma and sinuses, to liberate our breath. 

Each meeting will take 1,5 hours. If you join the whole course, it will cost you 99,- eur, if you want to jump in only for one or few classes, each time you ll contribute 12 ,- eur.

The meeting will happen through Zoom , I will send you the link 15 minutes before starting the class.



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