October 16, 2022 evicka

How to tune into your Body/Mantra course

I am grateful that we happen to bring this Idea into the Life. One of my talented creative friends is painting on the skin.. Andrea painted lovely mandalas on my Body and face and though almost naked I felt so natural, relaxed and divine. We enjoyed wonderful surroundings in Jelka, late summer day fullfilled with animal sounds and light breeze. We were shooting first two trailers about a course which I will make with you via Zoom and than also live. Course about mantras, their melodies, signification and impact on ourselves. Then we shooted also a videoclip for one of my mantra – Ong namo gurudev namo, recently released in an album Eva Solea – Mantras. I was dancing barefoot and spreading the colours with the movement of arms and legs into the green gras and blue sky..

You can sign in here: https://www.evasakalova.com/course/ and join me on the journey of discovering our voices, their resonance in the body, discovering also wonderful stories which unfold with every new song we receive and make them alive. Information about Andrea and her work: www.facepainting.sk