August 15, 2022 evicka

Dwarfs in Wroclaw and another Magic

Sitting on a beach in Tenerife, contemplating about the Life possibilities, I decided to go back to Slovakia for meeting my family and putting the Energy into my Garden, – I got a message from Julia – casting director from Poland. She asked me if I’d like to play in the movie Kajtek Czarodziej. I said sure! , but didn’t have big expectations – with a movies are so many things unsecure until the last moment – anything can change, also the cast.. 🙂 Few weeks later in a little village Most pri Bratislave, I had the skype meeting with the director – Magda Lazarkiewicz. I thought I would need to play some parts of the screenplay for her, but we had only nice conversation. Also about the costumes and the story. I met online also my movie son Erik alias Kajtek – lovely shiny young Being with brown eyes – like mine 🙂 And than after some up and down weeks I was picked up by white bus and a charmant driver Lukasz exactly on my birthsday (9.5.2022:) and brought to Wroclaw where the shooting was happening. We picked up on the way also another slovak Actor – Vít Bednárik, who created a lovely theatre and space for movement workshops in his village Dolné Orešany. Next day sitting in the make up bus and trying my costume I smiled on the first message from Julia after 9 years when I played a young slovak doctor in the polish Tv Serie – Ratownicy. And now..: I am here! They are putting the brown peruke on my hair and twitter in polish melodic language arround me.. The scene is located on a cementary with a big old grab stones and the sun is shining through many birch tree leaves, creating delicate lace on the stone and fabrics.. I play the young bride in a white lacelike dress – it is the old memory of the Grandmother of the main role Kajtek and the beginning of the movie story.. The atmosphere feels holy, everybody focused on a good picture, grab stones and floating souls watching our effort..

Next day we meet in an old University, making photo session in the oldfashioned costumes for the Album of Kajtek in the movie. Than I take a walk through the city, breathing its special different Atmosphere.. There are everywhere small metallic dwarfs on the main square city, in different postures, hidden in corners – as a good spirits taking care of the overall energy. I see mayny new chic vegan places, young nice women without bra and old guys driving their old cars.. At the end of the day I find myself in a small park between a housing unit and one church (in Polen there are churches everywhere!) with the guitar sitting on the bench, playing my mantras, listening to the sound and vibration of the guitar, while polish children playing closeby. Some polish retired women and men sit next to me and enjoy the music, thanking me for the free “concert” I made for them..

Another day we shoot in an old building surrounded by lovely trees, peacocks and a goat farm.. In the night the big Light is shining through the window creating a special effect, inside the room is dusty, little bit mysteriously and all people are deeply concentrated: camera man, guys from the sound, requisites, assistants, director.. I am in brown hair and soft old-pink coloured dress as a dead mother meeting my son in his dream.. Amazing how much effort filmmakers put into one scene, everything should look perfect, the Light, camera, sound..We are repeating our text, taking more takes, creating the magic of the story.. Next day I travel home, driven by lovely polish man in a white minibus.

Few weeks later I come to Duszniki – Klodzko – wonderful Nature part of Polen, where we continue with the shooting.. In my free days I manage to fly in a baloon and ride horses on a farm which is ran by one amazing women(the story in the next blog) We experience great storm safely watching it from the big windows of the kitchen house. From these windows you can see only the meadows, horses, trees and colourful sky.. Duszniki is a place where people come to rest, relax, rejuvenate their bodies and minds, there is a nice park with Chopin statue and with some concerts for the public.. There is a fresh air fullfilled with eldeflower smell and nettles, small purple and yellow flowers, meadows, garrulous creek and other fully green majestical trees. I hug them and charge myself..

This time on a shooting day I meet my son in the field full of purple flowers, feel the light wind on my face and soft silky material of the cloth carressing my skin. The views are amazing, everywhere you turn your head, you can see the hills, meadows, green and blue sky, clouds in different shapes.. People from this land are speaking about its benefits and about the rough winters.. all places were covered with thick snow mantle. Those people have the space – living in the houses with gardens, with wide views, watching and accepting the power of the Nature.. Movie makers are creating place for tents, fire and acrobats – where the next scene is happening.. There are horses, guitars, dancers and circusants.. Exactly my dream land – music, dance, fire, nature, nomads, travellers, costumes..strong sun and soft wind..

I travel home fullfilled, grateful for the opportunity to co-create the Magic, to be a part of it and being also rewarded for it. Unpationatelly I am now waiting for the release of the special magical movie: Kajtek Czarodziej in polish, czech and slovak cinemas. Stay tuned as well! 🙂