February 22, 2020 evicka

The Power of Song_22.02.2022

Here you can support the recording of new Mantras and Songs for the Heart which I am collecting on my travels arround the world. I am creating my own melodies which the Wind, the Ocean and the Sun are whispering to me. Thank to you I would be able to pay musicians who can support my voice with their play ( on kora, piano, tabla’s , guitar..) and the recording Studio. I hope they can soon be recorded, published and spread to the lovely people on this Earth 🙏You can listen my first songs on spotify under: Eva Solea ( Solea’s dream and Love)

Such a strong date. After plan A, plan B, plan C failed, I decided for plan F – and went for 5 rhythms dancing workshop. 🙂 To meet people in dance, enhance my and yours energy, to jump high and let the head shake. To shake out all the crazy thoughts they coming to me. In a safe space, with deep into-eyes looking, with some touch and exhale. And after I was offered to make stillness – song singing. I sang mantras on my own melodies, songs came out so freely, I just opened the mouth and let myself sing. Somebody cried, washed his/her heart with tears, somebody just enjoyed, sitting still. And there was a feather and a light and few smiles. And I sang a song. This is what I need to do, what I ll do, what I ll ever do, what empowers me, protects me, opens me. Finding my song every day anew. Which one would be yours? Come and listen and sing with us on upcoming monday. Closer informations on soleayogadance – fb. Looking forwards!

P.S. Pikto of a bird is part of my logo made by Barbora Paulovicova. She paints from her heart for all chakras, creating patiently, with safe hand with all colours arround her fingers.