October 22, 2018 evicka


Coming from the Island Ibiza, full of contrasts, shiny Human Beings, massage parties, contact dance on the beach, deep connections with the Mother Nature, with the Spirits of the Island, through Music, long deep embraces, eyes gazing, inviting, sharing, Being.. Wishing to bring all those Ideas to this sweet little country where I was born. There is so much to explore in this Life! So many Dimensions! Just not to loose yourself in all of that, that is also Part of a learning. :-)) So how to stay in the Flow? Express your Thankfulness, express your Dreams, think on others, how to support them, help them, open your Heart, listen carefully.. MOVE. Today we’ll move in DOT Gallery Cafe place. We’ll move, breath, activate, release. And maybe sing a bit. Sun is shining! Let’s breath it into our Hearts.



Acknowledge what is good.

This mudra helps again colds and activates the immune system.

Being thankful is a wonderful way of mobilising healing energies, easing tension, promoting equanimity, and raising one’s spirits. It is as if it raises us onto a higher level. Let your breathing become slow and deep. And let each breath become an expression of heartfelt praise and thanks. become aware of all that is good, all that is beautiful within you, of all your practical and mental abilities. Greet these things and acknowledge them with thankfulness. Your thanks will push open the door to a life of joy and fulfilment. He who sows thanks and praise will reap abundance.

I am filled with praise and thanks.