January 29, 2018 evicka

Story of one logo:


There is Heart.
Seed. Source. Beginning. And the End. Everything and nothing. Pure Love. Light. That what I am. The Soul. Playful, creative, dancing, singing with the birds.

Walking through Life. Taking steps, experiencing first pain, disillusion, sadness, fear, but also enamoredness, deep joy, sexuality.. Women. Discovering the Body, seeing it grow, change, react. There is Yoni – the Flower, opening and closing, becoming wet and dry again. So precious, full of secrets. Inviting male guests, connecting with their energy, taking them in, opening the heart, getting touched, hurt, opened, crushed. Sendind them back home, feeling still the connection inside and all over the Body, everywhere, in all cells, the connection which happened.

Express Myself. Walking arround with opened Chest. Shining, smiling bright. Receiving other smiles, applause, enjoying it. Speaking honestly, loud, honestly, wanting to save the Earth, bring more Love to all hearts, open them and let them Shine.

Waves. Coming and going. Calming and growing. Dissapearing. Becoming One. Creativity. Dance. Wind. Lightness. Green. Blue Haze. Heart. Turquise. Moving. Still moving. Still flowing. In the Dance of Life. Joy. Me. Full me. In Heart, in motion in Lightness. Everything is so easy, simple, living, loving, going, flowing, dancing. Letting million shiny Sun sparkles mirroring on the surface. Inviting them coming deeper inside, caress all cells, letting them Move.

Opening throat. And Sing. From deep inside. Inviting the Sun shine out through the Voice. Royal Blue. Connecting all ocean drops, creating a light Body with feathers.
Being Brave, sing Bright. Connect with the Universe, with Spirit, God, with Him, Her, This, Connect and Grow. Through Sound.

La Luna.
Coming inside. Feel the Song. The ancient endless Song of Life, Birth and Death. Becoming Wise. Seeing other worlds. Opening the third Eye and starting to make miracles. To heal. Heal myself, previous Lifes, understand much deeper, the meaning of Life, appreciate other Human beings, all us as travellers. So diverse, full of different believs, strengths and weaknesses, so unique and so same, longing for Love, Touch, Embrace.

The Middle. Sunflower. The End and Beginning.
All in One. Beyond. Violet Flame. Unconditional Love. Me, women, sun, dance, bird, luna – sun flow. Sun-Flow-Er. So perfect. Clear.

And that’s it. Every day new and same again. Appreciating, loving, giving, receiving, learning, beeing deeply delighted by It’s totality and flawlessness. And fall. And start again. Laugh. Never stop to be amazed by It’s Beauty. All wonders. Create it for you. Love you. LOVE