January 27, 2019 evicka

New Beginnings

Bye bye 2018, welcome 2019!

This Feeling of Happiness, when your Body feels totally aligned and happy in itself. Listening to all those Sounds from Winter Fairytale which our New Year 2019 brought.  I started the previous year full of Trust with Sunlight on my face on small Island – La Gomera. Now it feels like a dream. First time I became a part from Rainbow gathering – where people creating paradise for one month. Living on the beach, sharing hugs, songs, food.. Nature, strong Ocean waters, shiny faces. Dance, music, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, talking circles, healing. That was my experience. There were people coming with different intentions –  some of them took soft drugs – plants or mushrooms to reach other states of Consciousness. Some of them are living like this the whole year, two three.. connected to the Nature, living in Nature houses, cooking outside, watching the Sun waning into the Sea, thanking with Prayer and Meditation. Some of them fully open, sensitive to Energies, feeling a lot. I took this Rainbow – Love feeling with me to Valle Gran Rey, where I stayed for two months! Sleeping in a cave next to Meditation Centre, letting my Body become One with the Sun and waters of the Ocean. Valle Gran Rey is small sweet City in heart shape full of happy Tourists, older couples, hippies, healers on vacation. I met many young travellers, fully connected, living simply but rich inside, talented street musicians eating only raw, asian small nomad girl walking barefoot without money doing yoga on the beach and asking restaurants for leftovers- only vegan option! Shy nature people hiding in woods, playing flutes and speaking with spirits, angelic Being embracing me with their Grace, Love and forgiveness. All those fairytale Beings living on the Island. Elfs, fairies, gurus.. so fragile, so loveable, so open.

I returned on 4.4.2018 . I visited with my Mother tantra Seminar for Women. We meditated, danced a lot, caressed, massaged each other. I felt so happy and she was even through her Parkinson disease more straight and shining. It is very benefitial to keep on doing certain Practices to maintain your Body, Soul and Spirit awake conscious, loving the Life with all its Dualities. Opening the higher Chakras makes you more sensitive to rough energies arround you, so you are naturally guided to the Nature to Animals, Parks, Mountains, Lakes. Admiring people living in Farms taking care of their own Garden, nourishing themselves through the Food coming from the Ground they took care about.

In Spring and Summer 2018 I made many new discoveries about Bratislava green places and it’s surroundings – I visited and danced in hungarian village Zebegeny, Donauinsel in Vienna, attended on two lovely festivals – Allfest in Litoměřice and Heartculture in Austria, practised and taught Acro Yoga in Medicka garden, in Sad Janka Krala, discovered by bicycle the woods and small austrian villages – Hainburg, Wolfsthal, Neusiedler am See, found lovely community of wonderful people in slovakian village – Zohor. I played in two Student Movies, in one Tv Serie – I am Mother, one Czech-German Movie – Orange Days. I created some thai massage and contact dance workshops in Zohor and Vienna, singed Mantras before ecstatic dance event made by lovely Martin and Lucia. I was singing small Concerts in Alchemy travel place, Lotus yoga studio. I recorded few Mantras on Cd. I danced Tango and Salsa in Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. I created many workshops in my Head and on Paper, which didn’t happen yet. Opening your Voice Workshop, contact Dance and Body opening Workshop, Tango milonga with Thai massage, Consciouss Contact, the Art of Touch, Healing Theatre.


The Year 2018 in Numbers:


2 Student movies

1 Tv Serie

2 feature Movies


2 Months on La Gomera

1 Month On La Palma

1 Week on Tenerife

2 Weeks on Ibiza

5 days on Tenerife


Mana yoga stay



ArtFilm Fest


those created by myself – arround 5

apart from that singing everywhere and anytime – on the streets, in Parks, Balcony’s, Train, Bus


arround 5


more than 1000 :-))