April 7, 2019 evicka

Fairytale Singing – Solea’s concert and kirtan for Spring

I had wonderful Experience yesterday. There were dwarfs, feries, elfs, gnoms looking at me, shining with their eyes. We sat in front of all gods and godesses – protectors of the space. Candles were burning. We created an altar in front of us with cloth mandala, angel cards, shamanic drum and didgeridoo. They didn’t come to play yesterday. But they were present and listened to the sounds of ukulele and guitar. We sat in crossleg position, hand on heart and hand on belly, i spoke with closed eyes. I tried to speak from heart. About my highest experiences, where I felt the most Love in my cells and bones – they remember. And when I speak about this I shine also more. So Solejka – the little girl inside me still wishes to give and perceive Love in all situations and in encounters with other souls. Actually, the funny thing is – and Solejka knows it – Love is still here and everywehere, also now and now and now.. it depends on our perception, how we stand to it, how we open to it. To this what IS. So I was singing yesterday – Two mantras from kundalini yoga tradition, for cleaning and empowering ourselves. Everytime I sing them, I feel like like cleaning the windows of my body temple from inside. In order to see more clearly. All the Beuties, Life is offering us. Then I told those fairytale – beings a story about beach, ocean, big fire and half naked shiny people arround this fire – singing and hugging, kissing each others hands. I remembered clear and shiny eyes of one young women with brown skin of sand singing deeply from her being this song I sang : Above and below and all arround the world, you are the essence of it all , the Beauty of Life, you are the essence of it all, the Love of my Life, sacred One, source within and beyond. I promised myself, I want to learn this song, I practised it in mountains of La Gomera, watching the sun setting down behind the hills and I sang it yesterday to those beings. They listened and smiled, some of them joined. After that I sang another song which i learned on rainbow gathering – so how is this arround the fire – happening – called. Some spanish songs brought us to nature friends in spanish inland, to teepees, yurtas, animals and Lokah Samastah sukhinho bhavantu finished this Journey through lands and space. We connected our hands in front of our hearts, with Namaste and Sat Nam thanked each other, thanked to ourselves and to smiling hindu gods, to smiling spirits. You can sing the Love, you can feel the Love, you can be the Love. Returning to your unique Essence everyday and more often, in order to stay connected. In order to feel. All kind of emotion is worth to go through, actually they are pretty cool designed. Oh, and not forgetting Humour – so important! The most highest way of looking on yourself and your sweet funny silly endeavours. So again, sitting in admiration of how complex this could be – taking mantras and healing songs from different traditions singing them for lovely troll and kundalini yoga teacher, for few playful dwarfs and acro yoga lovers, to good feries – mothers and healers, to elfs and yoga, massage, sahman healers, with shiny gnome – guitar player sitting on my side. Wow, nothing that thank you – all the time is coming up in me. Thank you spreading through my body and all cells.

And how about me? How to integrate in this world fairytale – play again? After new moon and setting new intentions? As a bird which returns regularly to its nest, to feed her beloved and also enjoying all those flights above lands and through spaces and time. As a dancing farmer, kids teacher, dreamer and at the same time with strong feet walking on this ground. May all our dreams came true in the right time in the most original and fullfilled settings of souls connecting and supporting each other.


Sat nam.



aaaaaaa! let’s go outside and feel the sun!