January 3, 2018 evicka

C’est assez pour commencer

Currently I am living the canarian rainbow dream, feeling the coffee in my blood, sun on my skin. Pure taste – avocado, bread, orange, coffee. Pure colours – green, sand colour, orange, black. Pure people – blue eyes, curly hair, freckles, smile. Eyes are meeting, staying and leaning on each other, inviting each other to come inside and look into your soul, without fear, pure inviting. Hugs feeding you, listening the heartbeat – hearts speaking together, souls in the universe have conversations, we on the Earth don’t know what everything while hugging is happening.. or maybe we know. Something. It’s good to know and it’s good to not to know. Beacuse at the End what is the most precious? All the knowledge we gained in Schools? Another paper, so many words, numbers.. do they help to know Us? To know our inner Being, our Spirit our Soul? Somebody really precious to me said, that this is an escape. Escape from what? We cannot escape from ourselves. I mean we can – I tried it, it’s wonderful to fly. It’s wonderful to Love everybody. People fear Death, but when you “die” alive – could be for a moment – you see how Death is – so wonderful, big and peaceful, no more contrasts, pain, fear, but also no joy, passion, playfullness.. So after experiencing this, consciously or unconsciously, by purpose or by chance, by fate, you learn to appreciate everyday treasures, evry smile, every hug, every flower opening. The more you appreciate, the more you love yourself, the more you are sensitiv, the more you are shining, the more you cannot stay in crowded places, different energies, because you feel it in your body and until you learn to protect your light and set borders for your already open and warm heart it’s better to stay outside the crowd. It’s better to stay in yourself – whatever it might be. And when you mastered this – let me call it enlightment – you can start to help others. To find Their inner light. Because we didn’t learned it, we don’t know how to open, we have so much fear to be so pure, so naked, like a child. And eventhough I opened my heart so many times, felt so fragile and stayed in this fragility, I closed it again, felt that I cannont stand the pain of the whole world. – and maybe it was just another thought from my Mind and not from Heart. Because our Heart knows everything and it’s not fearing anything, it’s infinit. Learning to appreciate also our Mind, wants and needs is also precios. So continuing in the circle of meeting trusting judging, healing my judgments, cutting my limits, seeing my attachments and detaching from them. Never ever detach from the body! It’s our tool, it’s given to us for this Life by divine purpose, so use it in wise way. In way to gain more energy, inner strength, the universal wisdom. I see too much attachment on the Body could be unhealthy as well. We are so much gaining the Harmony, so we are going out of our middle in order to experience all what we are not, so we can much more appreciate all that we Are. And we Are so Much. Elfs, feries, unicorns, dragons, dragonflies. So at the End what stays? After all those written words? Released energy, peace. For a moment. And you are still flowing. It the river. Enjoying every moment. Finding yourself in those present moments anew.