It is all about Touch. This Sense is connected directly with 4th Chakra – our Heart. Conscious touch with an loving intention is just pure Joy. We are moving our Bodies through different Techniques to feel more alive, release from our Systems everything what is not serving us anymore and inviting new Prana into our Lungs, Bellies, all Cells. We are opening our Hearts and connecting in deeper Levels. Thanks this tools we can heal ourselves and others as well.


I am offering classes and workshops of acro yoga connected with contact improvisation dance and thai massage. All those are my passions and also tools to feel more alive, connected and present. We can meet one to one or in small group. Feel free to contact me. The best place I like to teach is Nature. 🙂 When the weather gets colder, there is a possibility to have a group at my place or rent a space in a studio.