First time I danced tango in 2017 in Brussell. Lovely friend of mine, great actor, puppet creator – Eric Godon took me to milonga. I was enchanted. We stepped in another world. The world of embraces, moving shoes and dipped lights. QUISIERA VOLVER A VERTE. You connect with the Partner through solar, lift your heels slightly and let yourself ease on dancefloor. Keeping your axes, watching for every moment, little change, little improvisation, soft touch of ankles, you take action and reaction. Through this concentration ( Dharana – in Yoga tradition ) you happen to find yourself in movement meditation. Yet, you need to stay alert, keeping the fire inbetween you and your partner burning. For me personally, it is really special sensation, I feel very feminine, even sexy, connected to the earth and heaven at the same time and physically following the partner, enjoying every nuance.

This ideal definition was not my case at all. I was like child jumping into cold water, trying freely, stepping on Eric’s shoes, moving too much my pelvis, laughing defenceless.

After this experience I took a course in Bratislava – my hometown. With Rasto and Petka. I enjoyed their loving explanation, care and patience. Tango Porteno is the name of their school. I brought my musician hippie boyfriend. He broke his piggy bank and payed 40 euros for the beginner course. We learned how to walk next to each other. He was like a water. And I learned to keep my fire not to burn me. Why there are so many old man as tango dancers? Because, it requiers patience, good leading, so women can feel held and safely in their arms. And time. Normally they use to say, that you need Years until you become real tanguero.

So one month and half – our relationship started to dissolve and I continued in tango by myself.

I visited milongas in Prague and Berlin, every time falling again in Love with this movement, with the music, place, people, those connections. I everytime told those old bards that I am beginner, smiled sweetly and followed their steps. I everytime asked my self – what does he want. What is his energy and which centre is driving his dance.

Slowly I started to distinguish dancers and their moves. Many of them danced from the 2.chakra – from pelvis. And some of them danced from arms. They were conducting my body like a car. 🙂 Some of them kept the middle strong shining through the breast bone their will. And some firstly exhaled with me, exhaled deeply, waited until I exhale too, listened to my breath and non-patient heart and than started to move. In Berlin I visited one of my favourite milonga – TANGO LOFT. The place has high ceilings, big windows and plants, warm lights, small bar, sofas and chairs. I watched all those glittery shoes and dresses. They played very modern tango – tango nuevo . And I spent 4 hours in their arms. They welcomed you with a warm smile. I felt home. I was never ever in Argentina – but this became my Argentina. 🙂

I could be anyone – a girl from next door coming on the parket, the rich lady escaping from her husband, young student, divorced mother.. On the dancefloor you are just YOU and HIM or HER. A person, Being, Soul. Presence.

Those embraces. Old, young, different parfumes..


Some recommendations: – milonga u Joa – milonga Tangoklubu v Manderláku


Dancers who influenced me and I danced with:


Eric Godon –

Rasťo Zábojník – tango porteno

Helena Žitňanová –

Michal Barniak –

Pavel Moises – dancer, teacher, artist, martial arts

Roman Greguš – dancer, administrator of slovak tango web site

Jozef Heriban – writer, screenwriter, director,

Karol Brull –

Rastislav Granec –

Peter Ingriš –