Cold and great months forced us lever out our light and create a little Rainbow inside our bubbles and houses. I happened to find myself in a lovely Bubble of Family Incredibles. Cooking amazing vegan glutenfree cakes, creating warmth, colours and human values inside and arround them. So happy and fullfilled to be a part of their world. From the Singer of high vibrational mantras I became sweet girl in neon dress playing in children videos. All with charm. Because sometimes it doesnt matter what is the form, if you make it from the heart with a message inside, with joy and thankfullness to the creation. Without financial support we happened to manage sweet videos with lovely music and slovak lyrics written by Liliana. We got inspired by melodies of rainbow songs*.

We started to make simple choreographies on different dance styles – balet, latino, hip hop, cheerleaders and combined them with a little story and message inside. We used costumes from Lili’s storage of time when she used to make a lot of performances ( dance, cheerleaders, singing) and found lovely slovak taylors who made us and children sweet SuriKaty’s tshirts. On one cold february day we met and created colourful world arround us, on us, IN us. If you would like to wake up your inner child, to heal it, give it a lot of Love and bit of Crazyness, contact us 🙂 May the healing be present with us inside the matrix, to remember we are like Dolphins coming here to play and enjoy Us , the Nature and this amazing Happening called LIFE.



Sat Nam.

*Rainbow Gatherings are temporary, loosely knit communities of people, who congregate in remote forests around the world for one or more weeks at a time[1] with the stated intention of living a shared ideology[2] of peace, harmony, freedom, and respect.[3] In the original invitation, spread throughout the United States in 1971, the “Rainbow Family Tribe” referred to themselves as “brothers & sisters, children of God”, “Families of life on Earth”, “Friends of Nature & of all People” and “Children of Humankind”.[4] All races, nations, politicians, etc. were invited in the desire that there could be peace among all people. The goal was to create what they believed was a more satisfying culture — free from consumerism, capitalism, and mass media — one that would be non-hierarchical, that would further world peace, and serve as a model for reforms to mainstream society. However, the values actually exhibited by the group have at times varied quite a bit from this ideal,[5] with recent decades showing increasing levels of crime at the events,[6][7] and some organizers stating the core principles have been modified, and become more mainstream, in an effort to attract more people.[8][9]

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