We met with Jazziel in Beijaflor cafe – wonderful space where kizomba, salsa and zouk is thaught. So the space was every day regularly filled with great energy of dance, joy, new discoverings in dance, choreography, beginners enthusiasm and advanced endurance. I was blessed to make a concert with two lovely musicinas playing bassguitar and piano. I sang songs about love, hope, lost and new hope again… songs with amazing melodies – from Oleta Adams ( Get here ) or Dinah Washington ( What a difference day made ) I found myself in a Role of Jazz singer, visualised myself on a big ship heading towards Caribe singing for Millionaires on board, who would be drinking wine and eating oysters happily listening to my voice..

Jazziel came to listen to the concert and told me than story about his Heart telling him before he left the house – take your Saxophone! take your Saxophone! , but he didn’t listen and came without the instrument. Than after the concert he said, that he should listen to this inside voice and take his Saxophone so he could play and jam with us 🙂

Later I contacted him (it was beginning October 2021) to meet and try some music from Latin America – through Music you can travel to wonderful places on the Earth without paying expensive fly tickets 🙂 First I thought I ll join the rehearse of a music band Maribondo and learn those brasilian rhythms, playing drums.. But Jazziel was waiting alone only with his saxophone so we started to speak about music, which we like and what could we manifest two of us together.. I sang Fly me to the Moon and Girl from Ipanema..he played the saxophone and the greyness from the city and coming winter didn’t matter anymore.

We started to meet once a week to practice – I learned other wonderful and not easy songs as forexample: Desafinado, Corcovado, Manha de Carnaval.. and we started to prepare a Concert in Beijaflor. Regrettably we needed to move our Concert for next date because of covid restrictions and than again postpone it for a new year.. But we managed to play together anyway – we played at one Christmas party of a group of teachers and educators in one special school and we enjoyed soooo MUCH!

Second time we happen to play together unexpected beginning of January 2022 in new Beijaflorlounge, where I joined also with David Flor (the owner) the stage and Jazziel’s performance.

Jazziel brought his culture of warm hearts, semba, swaying hips, smiles, music to our small Slovakia and I was happy to acompany him and enjoy portugiese smooth texts full of poetry and love. He thaught me also brasilian typical dance – Forró which is a part of brasilian Culture, which people love to dance in big groups and on festivals. It fullfills you with joy and connects. We made also small “demo” for the audience. 🙂

I hope our co-operation will continue in order to spread the brasilian warmth, smooth rhythms and create smiles on people’s faces! Here you can listen: