I started with salsa shortly after tango.. 🙂 To harmonise the seriousness and emotionality with some lightness and joy.. I needed longer time to get use to, that in salsa you change partner after one song. I feel that until now, I didn’t get used to it. Because if you first time dance with somebody, you need a bit more time to communicate in dance, to connect. And this – connection I am sometimes missing in salsa. But than came kizomba, which many people call “african tango”. And there you have a lot connection :-)) Even with somebody you might not like.. I learned kizomba directly on the parket and I am still improving myself. I found only few dancers in the club “La Bomba” and than later “By Norika” who led me greatly in this dance.. This year I went to the festival SSD in Rovinj/Croatia, where I danced every day with great dancers and finally I improved thanks to the international dancers I met there. I hope I also thaught them something – patience and listening. :-)) Listening to the partner, because even though the man is leading and the women is following, if he listens with his heart, he can give her more time to adjust to his moves, to follow him willingly and she can relax and trust him more. I practiced kizomba with dancers from Guatemala, Ecuador, Germany, Brazil, Portugal.. And than also bachata.. Bachata is soo sensual and sometimes fast at the same time, that I almost don’t like it. 🙂 Or only with a few partners. After years of studying yoga, meditation and than contact dance felt bachata and also salsa for me soo fast..and if I did sometimes some imrpovised movement , my partners were perplexed, they didn’t count with such a step..:-)) But I think, the dance should be primarily about joy, fun, present moment and connection. So eventhough I sometimes feel like I could dance it better by myself and I could be more free in it, I many times go again to the SBK parties in order to connect and feel the joy in my body. To not think so much.. To feel more.. I so much love it!!! I also started to gove a classes of latino, where we learn steps from salsa, bachata, samba and zouk.. The women like it and me to, because the music just makes you smile 🙂 I started to practice zouk in the year 2020 during covid times with a friend and a patient dancer. We met during cold evenings in his flat and practiced zouk and kizomba. I closed my eyes and found myself on the beach somewhere in Brasil with the sun shining on our bodies, with the sparkling sea in the sight and palm trees arround.. A paradise….. 🙂